Write on Report:

__:__ am/pm (the time)

TITS (This Is The Session) or
SOS (Start Of Session)

How you're doing at this instant, for example, Feel great, very interested or Really shitty or I'm OK, same as usual or whatever you think may be useful to you as a point of comparison with what you will write after the session ends.

Start of Session

Notes on Running:

This is the start of the session.

You must be familiar with The Yawn Machine, a technique for releasing charge through guided manipulation of mental images and manual stimulation of a natural bodily energy discharge mechanism (yawning), along with simultaneously energizing the body. If you are not familiar with this, end the session now, and practise it a bit.

If you somehow got to this screen without paying attention to the earlier ones, which give important information and check that you are in a suitable condition for a session at this time, leave now and start at the first page.

If you know what FDSing is all about, and have used this Yawn Machine procedure successfully, and are in fit shape for a session, then click "Next".

I'm good. Next

Whoops! I'm out of here.