Write on Report:

(A reference on what you should be writing on your session record)

Pre-Session: Instructions

Here are general instructions on how to run this session. To repeat, you MUST know how to counter anaten with touching stuff and rubbing your chest/arms etc. and getting off the charge/anaten by yawning it off. If you do not have a personal certainty on this, do not continue as you might not get much out of this Robot version of False Data Stripping.

The end phenomena for False Data Stripping on a specific subject is covered in: FDSing EP.

You must be familiar with the original LRH material on how this process is supposed to work! I have not repeated that data here, just the differences in how it works with Paul's Robot Auditor. In case you do not have the original LRH materials, here is a link to Clearbird's write-up on False Data Stripping.

You will need a computer screen, and a mouse. It is possible to do without, but most people prefer to have the sound turned on and listen to the commands as well as being able to read them. You can remain seated throughout the session. You will need usual session things like worksheets and pens, and a clock or watch.

As you will be reminded, make sure you are very familiar with the theory of FDSing, and that you have thoroughly cleared the meaning of the commands before the start of the session.

It is assumed that you know enough to only start the session when you have had enough sleep and are not tired; you have eaten enough good food (not junk food) and you are not hungry or thirsty; you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol; you have set up a safe auditing environment and are not going to be disturbed by outside factors while you are in session; and you have enough time for the session. Also, there is no provision in this automatic FDSing session procedure for addressing rudiment issues such as upsets or problems, so if your attention is strongly on something like this then do not start an FDSing session, but just do a normal Yawn Machine session instead to handle it.

If anaten turns on, or you start going significantly out of PT, recognize it as such. Hit the red "Anaten" link, and then rub stuff and yawn for as long as needed to get rid of the anaten. End off the anaten handling when you can rub away for a full minute by the clock without getting any more yawns. Close out the anaten window, and continue the process where you left off.

If you feel you need some havingness during the session, but don't feel particularly anaten, that's OK, your choice. Hit the anaten link, and rub away. Once you start rubbing, rub for a full minute by the clock without any yawns before ending off, though.

Note that the end phenomena for handling one specific false datum is that the false datum has blown, i.e. the charge on it has gone, along with the charge on the incident when you received it, and feel like it is no longer adversely affecting your thinking in the area. The usual non-TYM FDSing is a light level of address. With the addition of the TYM procedure, it is possible to get in deeper and address heavier areas of charge tied up with false data. Even so, don't try to run your whole case using FDSing, but keep it to straightening up your thinking in various areas where normal study and word-clearing have not proved fully successful.

This procedure is also very useful for straightening up your thinking with regard to some of Hubbard's writing itself. The choice of subject is yours. No sacred cows here!

I've set up the session environment and know how to run this procedure here. Next screen = start of session.

You gotta be kidding!

Notes on Running

(Instructions that will appear here throughout the session)