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Audio/Graphics version (beta) last updated 5 May, 2008

The whole of Sections 1 and 2, and parts of Section 3 are online. The remaining parts will be added piecemeal, bit by bit, as they are written.

You must be familiar with the "Rub & Yawn" procedure at before attempting to use Paul's Robot Supervisor to drill on TRs, or it might not work.

These training routines (TRs) are normally done in a fairly tough manner as part of standard auditor training. They are done in a lighter manner for someone not doing TRs as part of formal auditor training, but doing them as part of an auditing program, maybe an objective programme such as on a TRs and Objectives Course.

TRs are best done with another person right there in the room in front of you (assuming they know what they are doing). The next choice is to do them with another person via the Internet, via webcam, again assuming that between you you know how to do them. Paul's Robot is Alternative Three, the next choice down. The bottom choice is not doing them at all. Many would argue about the ranking of those last two points. :)

If your only other option is to try TRs with someone who doesn't have a clue, maybe a spouse who is trying to help but doesn't know what it is about, you would probably do better using this Robot version. It was put together by a very experienced Professional Course Supervisor, graduate of two Professional TRs Courses, who has also supervised the course for real.

This course is not "dumbed down" and is written in the language normally used at this technical level.

Here is a link to Clearbird's TRs Course online. That Clearbird course contains the theory needed by a person seeking to do TRs properly. Such theory is not really included in this Paul's Robot Supervisor TRs Drills, which pretty much consist of drills only.

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