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Pre-Session: Instructions

Here are general instructions on how to run this session. To repeat, you MUST know how to counter anaten with touching stuff and rubbing your chest/arms etc. and getting off the charge/anaten by yawning it off. If you do not have a personal certainty on this, do not continue as you might not get much out of this Robot version of CCH 7. Make sure you have already run CCHs 1-4 and flattened them thoroughly first, as well as CCH 5 and CCH 6.

The end phenomena for CCH 7 is covered in: CCH 7 EP.

You must be familiar with the original LRH material on how this process is supposed to work! I have not repeated that data here, just the differences in how it works with Paul's Robot Auditor. In case you do not have the original LRH materials, here is a link to Clearbird's write-up on Objectives. Scroll down to the CCHs section.

You will need a computer screen, and a mouse. For this process you should be standing and will probably need external speakers, as you might get tangled up in the cord for headphones. You will definitely need external speakers for later processes, so you might as well buy them now. Try not to get really cheap speakers as the distortion will tend to be annoying and take you out of session. Also have a watch or clock with a very visible second hand or digits so that you can see a minute going by as it goes by, without you having to touch it to view the seconds. A normal clock with a sweep second hand works great. You can get a cheap one for $1 or $2.

As part of the process, you will need to have various everyday objects scattered about on the table where you can reach them, in addition to a wall and table. These are a book, a computer, a keyboard, a screen, a mouse (it is assumed you have these last four items), that clock, a pen, a worksheet, a ring, a coin, a cup, a spoon, a tissue, a box, and a key. Get these and have them in reach before you start the session.

Click on the first command, but don't keep looking at the screen to see what that command on the screen changes into. You will hear the command, "Thank you. Touch that wall." Touch the wall, and be aware that you are touching it. Click on the relevant link, and you will hear the command. "Thank you. Touch your arm". Do so, and make a vertical stroke on the worksheet to show the end of the small cycle of action, and click the link when you have done so. You will be told to touch the wall again. And your arm. This will repeat until you are flat on that particular body part.

Then you get to choose the next body part. A room object will come up first, then the body part you chose. One purpose of this process is to take some charge off aberrated body parts, but not as the first thing to run. If your arm happens to be an aberrated body part, choose an unaberrated one from the list. If you consider they are all aberrated, pick one that is not too aberrated. What is meant by an "aberrated" body part" is just one that you have attention on. Maybe you think your nose is too big and you are embarassed by it, or you have a scar on your face, whatever. This process is not likely to fix a broken back or a cancerous lung, but it might help take some charge off the area for you.

While working on an aberrated body part, or at least, when it seems to be flat, make sure you rub away for at least a minute aned see if there are any undischarged yawns to come off before selecting another body part to work on.

If anaten turns on, or you start going significantly out of PT, recognize it as such. Hit the red "Anaten" link, and then rub stuff and yawn for as long as needed to get rid of the anaten. End off the anaten handling when you can rub away for a full minute by the clock without getting any more yawns. Close out the anaten window, and continue the process where you left off.

If you feel you need some havingness during the session, but don't feel particularly anaten, that's OK, your choice. Hit the anaten link, and rub away. Once you start rubbing, rub for a full minute by the clock without any yawns before ending off, though.

If, after running the process, CCH 7, for a time, including on any aberrated body parts, you think you might have reached the EP, then by all means read about it here. If you have honestly made that EP, great, go onto the next process.

I've set up the session environment and know how to run this procedure here.

You gotta be kidding!

Notes on Running

(Instructions that will appear here throughout the session)